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A Clean Break for Kevin Lawley

Joining Minster Cleaning Services gives you the chance to build a thriving business.  Just ask Kevin Lawley – he’s more than trebled turnover at the Norfolk and Suffolk branch since taking over in 2011.  On top of that, he’s scooped several accolades, including the 2016 bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year award (B2B category).

Kevin made the leap into commercial cleaning after 30 years at Lloyds Banking Group.  This may seem like a drastic career change but his experience in finance and management gave him a range of transferable skills that were just right for taking on a management franchise.  He’s comfortable dealing with clients and staff and developing business plans, so when his local branch went up for sale he leapt at the chance.

Seven years on, Kevin hasn’t looked back.  Turnover has risen to £1.3million and his business has 160 employees and 170 contracts.  This includes more than 40 medical practice contracts thanks to Minster's expertise in implementing healthcare cleaning regimes that comply with Care Quality Commission requirements.

What does Kevin put this success down to?  Hard work, Minster’s highly successful business model and his dedicated team:

“Well-trained, highly motivated staff, rigorous quality control processes, managed absence cover and complete flexibility are the hallmarks of the Minster brand, “Our clients have peace of mind knowing their cleaning is in the safe hands of experts.  And by offering a comprehensive range of cleaning services, we can provide all their needs from one reliable and trusted source.”

There’s no better testament to the high-quality service Kevin’s franchise offers than the fact around 60 per cent of new business comes from customer referrals.

“We’ve been able to get just the right balance between customer relationship management and new business acquisition by approaching the business in a planned manner with consistent, targeted growth,” he adds.

If, like Kevin, you want to build a successful business, office cleaning is a sector well worth considering.  It’s an essential business-to-business service with multi-sector appeal, which helps protect franchisees from economic peaks and troughs.  And the size of Minster’s territories gives enterprising franchisees huge scope for expansion.  By securing contracts from just a small fraction of the market in your area, you can really flourish.

By working with Minster Cleaning Services, the UK’s largest commercial cleaning franchise, you also know you’ll have the backing of an experienced and reliable company.  Established in 1982, Minster has been a full member of the British Franchise Association since 1992 and has branches across the UK.  Half of Minster franchisees have built up businesses with sales of more than £1million and the top branches achieve annual turnover in excess of £2million.  In total the group has more than 5,000 employees and yearly revenues of £40million.

Training and support are also crucial to Minster’s success.  Franchisees making the daunting transition from employment to self-employment are given ongoing support with operational management, administration, bookkeeping, marketing and IT.  They also receive professional advice in complex areas including employment law, health and safety and environmental legislation.

The initial start-up cost of a new Minster franchise is £28,225 plus vat, £5,000 of which is allocated to a marketing launch package using a highly effective strategy that’s constantly being refined.  It also covers licence, training, computer hardware and stationery.

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