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Building Success

Mike Parker, Minster Services Group Managing Director, says: "Business continues to grow throughout 2014 for our Franchisees. So much so that in a couple of cases our branches have moved to larger premises. This is excellent news as it demonstrates the underlying strength and confidence our Franchisees have in their businesses to make such a financial commitment. Indeed one of them has purchased the Freehold of the property, making the move even more financially attractive. There is a good feeling all round in these businesses as our staff feel good about their place of work and recognise the commitment the Franchisees are making".

Mike goes on to comment: "In a similar fashion we are drawing up plans for the development of our own Head Office site. This will involve a new build project and eventually demolition of our old premises. We are lucky to have the dedication of a project manager to oversee the entire project which means other Head Office staff are not distracted from continuing to provide support services to our Franchise network during these times of change.

This will represent a major commitment for Minster Services Group and provide an impressive and wonderful environment to work from for many years".

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