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John Bate – A Day In The Life

John Bate took on the established Nottinghamshire branch of Minster Cleaning Services in October 2011, the franchise having been originally opened in 1994. Before joining Minster, John worked with his wife as a co-director in a health and beauty spa business.

8am – 9am: I check emails and banking at home.  I live 35 miles from the office so this gives time for the traffic to die down before my journey into Nottingham as well as preparing me for any issues that have arisen since the previous day.

9.30am – 10.30am: As a Minster franchisee, there’s no such thing as a typical day – every day is different. The main challenges arise from the management and supervision of 100+ cleaning operatives and around 140 contracts, so people-management skills are essential! First of all, I check to see if any cleaners haven’t turned in for any reason and then make sure that relief cover is put in place.  We aim to be the preferred choice for commercial cleaning in the Nottinghamshire area, so it’s important that we make sure our clients are not dissatisfied in any way.

10.30am – 12.00: Time to deal with any outstanding quotations.  Commercial cleaning is an essential business service and a massive, multi-billion-pound market and the East Midlands has a huge number of small to medium-sized businesses so we’ve always got plenty of quotes on the go.  I do the phoning around to prospective clients to find out if we’ve been successful or if there is any more information they need before making their decision.

We’ve done particularly well in the healthcare sector since the requirement for all primary medical services to be registered with the Care Quality Commission was introduced in 2013. Minster’s knowledge of implementing cleaning regimes and practices that comply with CQC standards has proved to be invaluable.

12.00 – 2pm: I tend to work through lunch and usually have a sandwich at my desk.  This gives me the opportunity to chat with colleagues resolve outstanding admin such as internal stock orders or making sure equipment is all up to date and operational.

2pm – 4pm: I do the quotes myself and spend this time out and about visiting prospective clients to gather all the information that we need to put together a comprehensive quotation for our services.  We have many ancillary services to offer and can provide a one-stop shop for anything cleaning related so it is important that we fully understand their requirements.

4pm – 5pm: Although Minster’s systems take care of much of the day-to-day activities, I like to oversee the financial side of the business. This can involve banking, invoicing and entering information onto the system.  At the end of the day, I use the drive home to think about the day’s business and plan for the following day.  Sometimes, if we’ve been really busy, I’ll take work home – after which I settle down for a well-earned glass of wine. 

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