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Northern Powerhouse

The people of Yorkshire are well known for their hard work and dogged determination. This is certainly the case at Minster Cleaning Services, the country’s biggest and one of the most successful commercial cleaning franchises. Earlier this year, Sheffield’s James Lofthouse became the first franchisee to reach annual turnover of £2million and now, Marc Goddard of the Leeds and Wakefield branch has joined this elite Minster £2million Club.

Marc joined as business development manager for the Leeds and Wakefield branch in 2008.  He also spent time as an area manager before becoming joint franchisee with his stepfather, John Whyte in 2011.  John originally took on the franchise as a new start in 1994.  Prior to joining Minster, Marc had gained management skills over 10 years as a loss prevention manager at Asda and then in his own lawn care business, which he sold in 2008.

Marc is a great advocate of the Minster business model.  He says “We are providing an essential commercial service that appeals to a broad client base.  This helps to protect us from the peaks and troughs experienced by so many businesses.  Our recent growth has come from diverse sectors, such as education, engineering, car showrooms and commercial offices.

“I am very optimistic about the future for the business.  According to, Leeds is the UK’s fastest-growing city, a region with a £64.6billion economy and a combined population of three million.  More than £3.9billion has been invested in large-scale development projects over the last decade and there is a further £7.3billion worth of development under construction and in the pipeline.

“The size of Minster’s territories gives us almost unlimited scope for expansion, too.  So by continuing to deliver a high-quality service that is both consistent and reliable, I can’t see any reason why our excellent growth rate shouldn’t continue for the foreseeable future.”

Minster offers prospective franchisees with people-management skills a safe and secure future whether they buy an established branch or choose a new area.  The majority of Minster’s most recent franchisees have joined through the purchase of an established branch.  Buying an existing business has many advantages, including cashflow, customers and staff from day one.  It can also provide evidence of what can and has been achieved, and it can show how the business is likely to perform in varying market conditions.  There are currently resales available in Derbyshire, Devon and Dundee at a fee of £10,000 plus vat, in addition to the purchase price of the business.  Please contact Minster for further details.

Many Minster franchisees have achieved annual sales in excess of £1million and the top 10 branches are averaging annual sales in excess of £1.7million; annual turnover for the group is now approaching £40million. Minster was established in 1982 and has been a full member of the British Franchise Association since 1992.  As well as benefitting from a highly effective marketing strategy, Minster franchisees get help with the transition from employment to self-employment and there is ongoing support covering operational management, administration, bookkeeping and IT, and professional advice in the complex fields of employment law, health and safety, and environmental legislation.

New franchise opportunities include Cambridge, Doncaster, Durham, Guildford, Leicester, London, Middlesex, Peterborough and Swansea.  Initial start-up cost is £28,225 plus vat, which covers licence, training, computer software and hardware, stationery, machinery, equipment and materials.  In addition, between £40,000 and £60,000 working capital will be needed – finance is available from leading banks subject to status.

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