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Starting your own business? Fed up in your current role?

I get approached by a number of people who are clearly fed up working for an employer in their current role. Minster Franchise's MD Mike Parker says, "It never surprises me that good quality managers become frustrated often waiting for a promotion that seems years away because there is a blocker somewhere above them in the organisation preventing them from being promoted. Or so it seems.  At Minster Franchise we are pleased to provide a management franchise opportunity in the commercial cleaning sector that will enable a talented manager to run their own business and escape from the reality of being blocked in their current position."

The risks of starting your own business from scratch remain pretty high, so many talented managers do look at the franchising option as a way of minimising start up risk in their chosen field. Minster Franchise is a full member of the bfa and has a long established track record of success in its sector. In 2016 Minster Franchise is a Finalist in the British Franchise Association's prestigious Franchise of the Year Awards. You may also wish to read Mike Parker's series of articles in which he shares his top 5 tips for buying a Franchise.

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