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Strengthening Network Support in 2014

"2014 has really started with a bang at Minster's Franchise Head Office", says Minster Franchise's Managing Director Mike Parker. "I am delighted to be building the franchise support team at our Head Office. We have 2 new appointments – Neil Williams is our new IT Manager and Ian Hadley joins us in a brand new position as our Operations Manager. Neil joined us in December to have at least a month's overlap with our former IT manager (now retired) to ensure risk free continuity for our franchise business. IT remains a critical part in our support and delivery of service and follow up to our clients. For 2014 we have many new marketing initiatives for both acquisition and retention which all rely on strong IT support."
Reflecting on Ian as a new appointment, Mike commented, "I am also pleased to bring Ian into our franchise support team. As a former Franchisee from a different brand he brings a wealth of experience of Franchising to Minster from the perspective of a Franchisee. Ian will have responsibility for business development as well as core operations and training. He will play a key part in helping our business to grow still further in the coming years. He will also add to the knowledge of our team when it comes to training of new or resale Franchisees joining Minster. We have a number of existing Franchise areas for sale which make attractive purchase opportunities for experienced managers to join as franchise partners into our business."
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