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Warwick Business School hosts Minster Management Franchise

Minster MD Mike Parker was delighted to take his Marketing Working Party to Warwick Business School for the day. This was a particularly proud moment for Mike as he retains close links with Warwick University Business School having studied there for his own MBA. He also supports Warwick’s Leadership degree course providing opportunities for young managers to shadow a busy MD for a week.

Minster Franchise offer management Franchises in the Commercial Cleaning sector and have both new areas and some existing territories available for purchase.

Minster has created a number of working parties which comprise volunteer Franchisees from across its network who have a particular interest in the working party subject. Mike Parker in conjunction with his HO Marketing team Paul & Nikki were very pleased to meet up with Professor John Rudd. Prof. Rudd opened the agenda by giving an update, to the Working Party on current B2B marketing trends, commenting that Minster’s HO marketing team are already incorporating many of these issues into their current activities & plans.

Mike commented, “What a fabulous day. A top class University, a top class marketing Professor challenging and stretching the minds of Minster’s top class marketeers. Organising such days are a key way in which we can keep the Minster HO team and key Franchisees on top of their game”.

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