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The support and training you receive does not stop when you open your Minister Cleaning branch. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional support and advice to each of our franchise partners throughout their journey. We strongly believe this is absolutely critical in helping you to run a successful Minster branch and realising the maximum potential of your franchise.


Marketing Support

Our team of marketing professionals at our Network Support Centre are passionate about your success. We will manage marketing strategies on your behalf to attract new business to your branch, including maximising your online reach. The Minster Cleaning website is managed centrally, and search engine optimisation and online advertising are also taken care of. We will also provide you with the tools you need to keep your clients happy and increase their spend with you. Any local marketing planning is also supported by the marketing team.

In this video, Paul Stairmand, Senior Marketing Manager, details the marketing support you can expect from Minster Cleaning

Operational Support

We will guide you through how to manage your business to make it as operationally efficient as possible. We advise on how to manage contracts, including recruitment and staffing levels.  Any new health & safety and employment law legislation is supported centrally, so you’ll always be informed about how to remain compliant. We also offer accredited staff training throughout the year, to make sure you and your staff are kept up to date with the latest cleaning techniques and standards.  

In this video, Ian Hadley, Operations Manager, details the operations support you can expect from Minster Cleaning

Accounting Support

This element of support is critical to your business success.  That is why we aim to get it right from the very beginning.  We will guide you through all required processes, including payroll, VAT submissions, pricing and monthly accounts, until you are confident in doing this by yourself.  However, there is no limit to the support offered.  We also provide ongoing software training. 

This video details the accounting support you can expect from Minster Cleaning

IT Support

Once our IT team has set up your hardware and software, we offer unlimited IT support to make sure your technology continues to work correctly. We have a dedicated, efficient helpdesk where you can log any IT issues and get a resolution quickly.

In this video, Dave Welch, IT Support, details the IT support you can expect from Minster Cleaning

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