Achieve success and security with
a Minster Management Franchise

Why Minster Cleaning?

Minster Cleaning is the UK’s commercial cleaning specialist. Managed by local Minster Cleaning franchise partners, thousands of customers benefit from our expert and reliable commercial cleaning, tailored to their precise needs. Our high customer referral rate and repeat business are evidence of our success.

When you purchase a new Minster Cleaning greenfield territory, during your first 12 months of trading, you pay no management fee. This is to help you get up and running as a new franchisee.*

Now is the time to become a Minster Cleaning franchisee and see your business take off!

*Terms and conditions apply

Proven business model

Our long track record and experience enables us to continually improve our business models, so that when you start your business, we’ve already done a lot of the testing and trialling.  This means you can implement a proven system and start building your business from day one.

Our franchise partners have been with us an average of 17 years, with some still with us after 25 years, through recession and economic uncertainty. These long and mutually beneficial relationships are testament to what our sustainable business model can offer you.

Large exclusive territories

All of our territories are large and exclusive, providing a substantial number of businesses to target with the potential of many years of sustained growth.

Low risk sector

The cleaning industry is a repeat business sector, so as long as customer service levels remain consistently good, businesses tend not to switch regularly.

Minster Cleaning operates in the stable and recession-resistant commercial cleaning sector, which has bounced back quickly from the pandemic.

Workplace cleaning has never been more important and Minster Cleaning’s expertise in infection control has proved to be a valuable asset, particularly in GP surgeries and other medical environments we work in. We can bring this expertise to our clients in other sectors too.


Full Induction Training

As a new franchisee, you will benefit from a full and comprehensive training programme, designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to start.

Your initial training will take place over one week at our Network Support Centre in Birmingham, where you will meet key members of the Minster Cleaning team and discuss your training needs. The main focus is on:


Discover how we help you make the most of the opportunities in your new territory, from attracting new customers, increasing brand awareness and how to retain existing customers.


Gain access to all the tools and templates to help run a smooth business operation, including health & safety guidance and employment law.


Introduction to the software we use and how we set up your payroll, accounts, invoicing and VAT.


Access to and introductory training with Minster Cleaning’s dedicated IT systems.

Ongoing support

We strongly believe on-going support and training is absolutely critical in helping you to run a successful Minster Cleaning branch and realising the maximum potential of your franchise. The following explains how we help you and your business.


Our team of marketing professionals are passionate about your success. We will manage marketing strategies on your behalf to attract new business to your branch. The Minster Cleaning website is managed centrally, and search engine optimisation and online advertising are also taken care of. We will also provide you with the tools you need to keep your clients happy and increase their spend with you.


We will guide you through how to manage your business to make it as operationally efficient as possible. We advise on how to manage contracts, recruitment and staffing levels.  Any new health & safety and employment law legislation is supported centrally, so you’ll always be informed about how to remain compliant. We also offer accredited staff training, to make sure you and your staff are kept up to date with the latest cleaning techniques and standards.  


This element of support is critical to your business success.  We will guide you through all required processes, including payroll, VAT submissions, pricing and monthly accounts, until you are confident in doing this by yourself. There is no limit to the support offered. 


Once our IT team has set up your hardware and software, we offer unlimited IT support to make sure your technology continues to work correctly. We have a dedicated, helpdesk where you can log any IT issues and get a resolution quickly.