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Established in 1982, Minster Cleaning is the UK’s office and commercial cleaning specialist. Managed by local Minster franchise partners, thousands of customers benefit from our expert and reliable commercial cleaning, tailored to their precise needs. Our high customer referral rate and repeat business are evidence of our success.


In 1992, we expanded our business model into a management franchise which has attracted a number of highly-skilled entrepreneurs. Without direct experience of the commercial cleaning industry, our franchise owners recognised the enormous potential to grow a business to be proud of, within the Minster Cleaning framework of a highly profitable and recession-resistant business opportunity.

As a result, we have seen repeated success amongst our franchisees as they realise their ambition of setting-up and growing a profitable business, or expanding their current operations.



Full Induction Training 

We are dedicated to giving you the best possible start in your new business venture. As a new franchisee you will benefit from a full and comprehensive training programme, designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to start.

All areas of running your franchise business are covered and we’ll provide practical guides to get you started and feeling more confident.

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Proven Business Model 

Minster Cleaning provides a great opportunity thanks to a proven business model which has been refined for over 35 years. Many of our franchise partners have been with us an average of 14 years, with some still with us after 25 years, through recession and economic uncertainty. These long and mutually beneficial relationships demonstrate what our sustainable business model can offer you.

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Ongoing Support

Once you have opened your Minster branch for business, you will also receive structured, regular visits over eight weeks, to provide you with on-site training in your branch. This allows for continual reviews of your training needs. Throughout the year, you will be invited to attend regional training, and have access to all the skills and expertise the Minster Cleaning network provides.


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Large Exclusive Franchise Territories

Our territories are large and exclusive, providing substantial target markets with the potential for years of sustained growth.  The network is mature, but we still have key areas available such as Cambridge, Guildford, Buckinghamshire and London. 

We can identify the address details of potential target businesses and companies in each territory, so once your branch opens, we can quickly inform potential clients about your presence in the area.

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Low Risk Sector

The market for commercial cleaning is vast. All businesses require maintenance for their commercial premises, and there will always be a demand for a reliable, professional and cost-effective service. Your new Minister Cleaning business won’t just meet a trendy or fashionable need which will come or go with the whims of the market, you will be offering an essential utility, as important to a company’s operations as water or electricity.

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If you have any additional questions, please view our FAQ which hopefully will answer them.  If not, please get in touch.

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