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Minster Cleaning Celebrates 40 Years of Success

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Minster Cleaning is proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022. Minster Cleaning started its journey back in 1982, when Alan Haigh, Founder and Chairman, set up the very first branch in Birmingham.

It was while working at Tandy Corporation that Alan Haigh came up with the idea to launch Minster Cleaning, now one of the country’s leading management franchises and a major force in office cleaning.  One of Alan’s responsibilities was to find cleaning contractors for the Tandy stores, as he explains: “They were unreliable, and the general standard of work was poor.”

Alan knew he could deliver a far superior service and in November 1982 set up Minster Cleaning. By 1990 he had very profitable branches in Birmingham and Accrington, and turnover was £1million. Alan chose to franchise the business in 1992 and, by 1998, group turnover had hit £10 million, doubling to £20 million only four years later!

Fast forward to 2022 and Minster Cleaning now has over 40 branches across the UK with a network turnover well in excess of £40 million. Top franchisees now earn £200k+ (net profit) per year. Half of franchisees are achieving sales in excess of £1million and the largest branches over £2million.

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If you purchase a new greenfield Minster Cleaning territory you will not have to pay a management fee in your first 12 months of trading. That’s a saving of 7% on all new contracts secured in this period! This is a fantastic offer to help new franchisees get up and running during their first year and give their businesses an initial boost.

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