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The Year Ahead

The economic headwinds that blew strongly in 2022 are continuing to cause uncertainty in 2023, but Minster Cleaning is looking ahead with optimism and keeping its eyes firmly fixed on growth.

Recent years have proved just how resilient commercial cleaning is to economic ups and downs. Despite the challenges of 2022 the company grew by over 10%, driven by the essential nature of the service franchisees provide and their market-beating quality.

In 2023, managing director Mike Parker says Minster Cleaning is aiming to hit annual revenues of £50million after topping £45million last year. This growth will, of course, be built on the achievements of franchisees who are quietly optimistic about the year ahead, despite wider expectations of a downturn.

“Enquiries for our cleaning services are very healthy at the moment, and franchisees say their clients aren’t yet cutting their cleaning provision in response to a possible recession. In fact, they’re cautiously positive about the near future. What this means for our franchisees is they can consider making positive choices that expand their businesses, such as investing in new equipment, rather than simply making it through the year unscathed,” says Mike.

This ongoing success is underpinned by the high standards franchisees deliver. This is critical to both retaining customers and maintaining a reputation that attracts new business, especially as cleaning costs rise in response to the inflation impacting every sector in the country. Minster Cleaning will continue to build on the support it provides franchisees in 2023, so they have all the tools they need to thrive in this environment.

This includes expanding centrally managed email marketing activity, which has already generated significant numbers of leads for franchisees. The company will also continue implementing and refining its customer relationship management tool, TEAMs Software. This is a one-stop-shop for cleaning and client data, that offers a range of capabilities from rostering and payroll, to identifying gaps in capacity and pinpointing which available cleaners have the right skills to fill them.

The sustainability agenda is another area of focus for Minster Cleaning. Increasingly, corporate clients want to make sure the suppliers they work with align with their broader sustainability commitments. This includes providers of commercial cleaning services. That’s why it’s a priority for Minster Cleaning, which aims to use products that are both effective and environmentally friendly. A number of franchisees have already started to introduce electric vehicles into their mobile workforce.

Given this combination of comprehensive support and robust revenues, it’s not surprising people considering buying into a franchise in 2023 are taking a serious look at Minster Cleaning.

“We’ve recently seen an increase in the quality and credibility of enquiries about existing branch resales, of which there are currently four on the market. There are several reasons why, including people wanting a new lifestyle and more control over their careers after the turbulence of Covid. Of course, running any business is hard work and has some risk but by buying an existing franchise, you have an immediate revenue stream,” says Mike.

In his 15 years with the company, all but one resale has been due to retirement, which is testament to the long-term consistency and profitability of commercial cleaning. Today the top franchisees are earning more than £200,000 in net profit each year.

There are also several opportunities to buy a franchise in a new territory and build a business of huge value from the bottom up. “We have a number of exciting greenfield territories we’d love to expand into, that have huge potential. One of the most satisfying parts of the job is bringing someone onboard who has the right skills and helping them flourish. We’re so confident in our business model that, we’re currently guaranteeing a £45,000 profit* in the first 12 months for new franchisees buying a greenfield territory. If they don’t hit that target, we’ll make up the difference,” says Mike.

All of Minster Cleaning’s territories are large and exclusive, and home to a range of businesses and organisations that require commercial cleaning. They’re designed to give franchisees huge scope to quickly develop a wide customer base and a strong revenue stream. For anyone looking for a new opportunity who has the right mix of business intelligence and drive, it’s a tempting offer in times of increased uncertainty.

If you’re interested in developing a low-risk business, backed by a respected brand and enjoying unrivalled support, all our new and existing franchise opportunities can be found on here. For new territories, the initial start-up cost is £20,000 plus vat, which covers licence fee, territory, IT equipment and training, plus a comprehensive marketing launch package. In addition, a minimum of £35,000 working capital plus personal drawings is required. Finance support is available from leading high-street banks, subject to status.

*See here for full details.