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Is 2021 a good time to invest in a franchise?

Emma and Paul

As Britain wrestles with the economic problems associated with the pandemic, investing in a franchise in 2021 might sound too risky for some, however it could be best decision you ever make.

The sector you choose needs careful consideration and understanding how a franchise has performed through previous downturns is key. As with some other sectors, like care homes, the commercial cleaning industry is one that is coping well. At Minster Cleaning while clients suspended contracts at the start of the pandemic, those customers are now returning and reassuringly over a third of branches have experienced increases in turnover versus this time last year.

Franchisors will also be eager to increase support for their network to help them through difficult times. Minster Cleaning is offering a growth incentive to its entire network throughout 2021 to help give their franchisees a boost. By taking the franchise route, you can operate under an established brand and receive training and support from a franchisor with lots of industry-specific expertise. Many franchises also have strong relationships with banks and are generally considered to be a safer route to business ownership.